Jets are the Mets of the NFL

Whether your a fan or a hater of the New York Jets. These truths must be held .

New York Jets. born in 1962

Last Super Bowl 1969, I was in Diapers

Next Super Bowl ??? I probably will be in Diapers again.

Let’s have a moment of revisionist history, last year we were 8-8 in essence we were a big fat “0” Our wins cancelled our losses. The season didn’t exist.

Everybody likes to blame Rex Ryan, I don’t truly know what to truly think. Is it we have been incapable of hiring a decent offensive coordinator or  is it the process of fielding a competent quarterback and skilled position players. I wish I could be the fly on the wall , because like the theory of relativity ; I have no proof.  It’s not like we were cash strapped this year, we have a surplus of 21,000,000 dollars. We are behaving just like the rhyming cross town Mets , except Woody doesn’t know Madoff.

Rex Ryan is a legitimately awesome dude who would be fun to pull for if he coached any other team, but the Jets do everything they can to suck the life right out of him. Case in point…

We draft Geno Smith, the new King of regression. He replaced King regression 1st Mark Sanchez. Then we signed the sideshow of the 700 Club Tebow.

Look at the previous behavior this season. Vick walked around carrying Geno’s jock, just being thankful for a paycheck and never pressing him for the starting position. They pass up on Revis, cromartie, rogers Cromartie, but retain the King of No Tackles Kyle Wilson and sign bigmouth always hurt runs so slow Dee Milner.

We sign a soft running Chris Johnson, who when you touch him , he either fumbles or falls.

Only the Jets can do that.



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